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Filling out a complete resume online is the first step you take. We value candidates whose values and beliefs align with ours, and when selecting candidates, we place emphasis on their expertise and abilities. Through each stage, we can get to know each other and find opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to working together with you to create a better future!

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Application Process

Fill out your resume

Please go directly to the 104 or 1111 Job Bank to fill out your resume, where you can provide detailed information about your educational and professional background, technical expertise, and personal statement to help us better understand you.

Internal Review

In addition to the positions you apply for, we will also recommend you to relevant departments based on your expertise. The selection process usually takes one to two weeks, depending on the different job positions and departments.

Accept Testing

  • Basic testing
  • English testing
  • Professional testing

Participate in an interview

  • The HR department will confirm the interview time through email or phone.
  • You will have an interview with three or more managers.
  • The process may involve one or two interviews.

Notification of Acceptance and Reporting

  • We will notify you of your acceptance by phone and send you a report notice.
  • Please confirm the documents you need to submit when reporting.

Diverse Career Development

In the past, we have strived to deepen our technological expertise and expand our business scope. In order to combine organizational development with technological advancement, we provide professionally enriched learning and development resources.

Talent Attraction and Retention

We provide a platform for development, combining each person's expertise to create a strong professional team. We collaborate with academia to offer internship opportunities and attract international talent to create a diverse workplace.

Tailored Career Planning

Based on individual talents and preferences, we arrange suitable positions and utilize internal resources to cultivate potential talent for the future.

Rich Training Programs

We plan courses in four areas to enhance individual competencies.

  1. New Employee Education and Training: Helping new colleagues integrate into company culture and management quickly.
  2. Management Function Training: Planning a series of courses for supervisors at all levels to strengthen core management functions.
  3. Professional Function Training: Cultivating professional skills for various positions and gradually improving colleagues' professional knowledge while introducing career development plans for each occupation.
  4. External Training Courses: Subsidizing external training courses to enhance employee potential and promote technological innovation.
Employee Benefits

We encourage long-term commitment to our organization and have planned a diverse set of measures to retain talent. We care about our employees' well-being outside of work and provide annual health check-ups and tracking, as well as offer sports clubs for colleagues to join.

Compensation System

Our overall compensation package exceeds industry standards, and we regularly discuss the correlation between company performance and employee salaries to design competitive compensation plans, including:

  • Year-end bonus
  • Employee profit sharing
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Patent bonuses
Labor Insurance and Related Services
  • Health insurance/Labor insurance/Retirement fund contributions
  • Paid leave/Maternity leave/Childbirth leave/Female physiological leave/Marriage and bereavement leave/Parental leave without pay
  • Health consultation/Employee health check-ups
  • Travel consultation services/Weekly bank agency services
  • Free-of-charge interbank withdrawals and transfers for salary accounts
Humanized Working Environment
  • Convenient dining environment
  • Indoor and outdoor parking facilities
  • Fitness facilities/Nursing rooms
  • Diverse club activities (horse riding club/badminton club/golf club, etc.)
  • Affiliated stores/On-site stores/Employee shuttle buses/Employee dormitories
Stable Retirement Savings System

In accordance with relevant labor laws, we allocate retirement savings to a designated account to secure our colleagues' retirement life.

Compuware Headquarters - New Taipei City

4th Floor, No. 232, Liancheng Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City

TEL : +886-2-8226-3936

FAX : +886-2-8226-3937

Compuware Factory - Taoyuan Bade

3rd Floor, No. 306, Chang'an Street, Bade District, Taoyuan City

TEL : +886-2-8226-3936

FAX : +886-2-8226-3937

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