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Compuware Was Ranked 421st in The World 2000 Survey of Manufacturing Industry by Common Wealth Magazine

New Taipei City, May 27th, 2021 – Compuware Technology Inc., (Compuware) the leading brand of high-efficiency power supplies in the world, was listed 421st in the 2000 large-scale enterprise manufacturing survey which just published by Common Wealth Magazine.

The Common Wealth Magazine 2000 Large Enterprise Survey has been published annually , for the past 36 years. It ranks companies on its analysis of business performance and future development potential. The rankings are categorized into manufacturing, service and financial industries. Compuware ranked No 421st in the manufacturing category, based on excellent operational capability and profit growth.

The COVID epidemic, that started in 2020, has caused global panic and work from home demands. And work from home has driven up demand for cloud services and data center capacity. Compuware, which has the most 80 PLUS Titanium certificates in the world, offers products with 96% power efficiency, and has been focused on this field for around 20 years. The Common Wealth Magazine ranking not only reflects business revenue, but also relevance in a period of dramatic global changes.

General Manager Mr. Liang at Compuware said: “We have been committed to providing power supplies, and supporting our customers to build data centers, during the COVID pandemic. Our highly-efficient power supplies are not only good for the environment, but help our customers save money of electricity. He continued, “In the future, there will be more demand for data centers and cloud applications, and we will fully support our customers with our highly-efficient power supplies. Also, we welcome other companies, which have the same green ideas, to join us.”More information about Compuware’s green concept and its environmental mission, please refer to this video.

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