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Compuware Achieves Rank 455 in the Manufacturing Sector ~ CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2000 Enterprises

New Taipei City, Taiwan – May 27th, 2022 – Compuware Technology Inc., (Compuware) a global leader in high-performance server power supply solutions, secures the 455th position in the manufacturing sector according to the recently released 2022 Top 2000 Enterprises survey by CommonWeath Magazine.

CommpnWealth Magazine’s Top 2000 Enterprises survey, spanning nearly four decades, evaluates corporate performance, and development based on factors such as revenue, net profit, and profit margins. The rankings are categorized by industry, including manufacturing, services, and finances, making it Taiwan’s most authoritative corporate performance assessment report. Compuware achieved a remarkable rank of 455 in the manufacturing sector, reflecting its outstanding revenue and growth.

The survey, conducted to assess the situation in 2021, notes the global IT supply chain challenges, impacting Compuware’s shipments and contributing to a decrease in this year’s ranking compared to the previous year. However, with the anticipated surge in global demand for AI, data centers, and cloud services, the future outlook for high-performance power supply solutions for data centers and servers appears limitless. Compuware has been a prominent player in this field, boasting the world’s largest number of Titanium-grade 80 PLUS certifications, offering up to 96% efficiency for global data centers. The CommonWealth Magazine’s survey report serves as a performance indicator for the company and provides a comprehensive examination of its growth and future opportunities.

Mr. Liang, General Manager of Compuware, states, “This report emphasizes the critical importance of staying competitive in the market – standing still is not an option. We are committed to continuously providing high-quality, high-performance power supply solutions, regularly reviewing our supply chain management to meet all customer requirements. He added, “Looking ahead to the next year, we anticipate significant improvements in our corporate performance. Stay tuned for exciting developments.

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