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Compuware Makes Remarkable Leap in Ranking 351st in CommonWealth Magazine’s 2000 Top Enterprise

New Taipei City, June 1st,2023 – Compuware Technology Inc (Compuware), a leading brand in high-performance server power supplies, has achieved an impressive milestone by securing the 351st position in the manufacturing category of CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2000 Enterprises which just released. This marks a significant advancement of over 100 positions from the previous year.

CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2000 Enterprises survey holds prestigious recognition in Taiwan, with nearly 40 years of continuous observation of Taiwanese enterprises. The annual report analyzes performance and future development based on data such as revenue, net profit, and profit margin. It categorizes rankings for manufacturing, service, and financial sectors, making it the most authoritative survey report for Taiwanese enterprises. Compuware Technology’s exceptional nearly 50% growth rate played a pivotal role in this assessment, propelling the company over 100 positions ahead to the 351st rank, compared to last year’s 455th position.

Power supplies for datacenters and servers have been a focal point for Compuware. The company boasts the highest number or Titanium-level 80 PLUS certifications globally, providing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient power supplies with up to 96% power efficiency to servers, data centers, and large-scale industrial computers worldwide. With the maturity of GPU servers, AI and various applications, the demand for these high-end power supplies has grown stronger, contributing to Compuware’s impressive advancement in the rankings – a continuous influx of market demand and expansion.

Mr. Liang, General Manager of Compuware, expressed, "we are truly delighted and proud to have advanced more than 100 positions in CommonWealth Magazine’s ranking. Delighted by the significant progress in our ranking and proud that our years of dedication and efforts toward high-quality, high-performance power supplies have finally been recognized." He continued, "Next year, we will strive even harder, anticipating the opportunity to break into the top 200. It won’t be easy, but we see a bright future in the server market and a massive demand for high-performance power supplies. Compuware is set to advance at full speed."


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