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Compuware Partners with Supermicro and Ablecom Investing in LeadTek to Dominate the AI and GPU Server Market

New Taipei City, October 25th, 2023 -Compuware Technology Inc (Compuware), a global leader in high-performance server power suppliers, recognizing the vast opportunities in GPU, AI, and related applications, has joined forces with Supermicro and Ablecom to invest in LeadTek, a leading computer manufacturer. This collaborative effort aims to strengthen AI initiatives and provide a more comprehensive and expansive market presence.

LeadTek’s AI strategy encompasses two major directions: standard products with a focus on NVIDIA and the broadening of AI applications for solutions in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, and intelligent manufacturing sectors. Supermicro, a globally renowned server brand with a strong affiliation with NVIDIA, has been actively promoting GPU servers in recent years. Ablecom specializes in providing server chassis. Compuware, with its expertise in developing, producing, and manufacturing high-efficiency and high-wattage power supplies, is a crucial component for GPU servers and indispensable for AI applications. Through the integration of applications, servers, chassis, and power supplies, the collaboration among LeadTek, Supermicro, Ablecom, and Compuware will jointly explore applications in the AI field.

Mr. Liang, General Manager at Compuware, expressed anticipation for the collaboration, stating, “We look forward to providing customers with innovative solutions and more integrated applications, assisting them in repaid AI deployment and enhancing competitiveness.” He added, “We have witnessed the remarkable efficiency brought by AI, such as ChatGPT, and foresee an influx of more AI and GPU applications. So, integration and providing immediate and rapid support for our customers is crucial. This is the area we are actively investing in.

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