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Compuware Technology Expands Power Supply Business, New Malaysia Plant Expected to Create 4,000+ Job Opportunities.

Compuware Technology Inc., (Compuware) the leading brand of high-efficiency power supplies in the world, announces its expansion into Malaysia to meet the growing global demands for data centers, servers, and AI applications. Fueled by the rising need for high-performance power supplies, the company has significantly enhanced its production capacity, with official production commencing this month.

The state-of-the-art facility, strategically located near Senai Airport in iPark, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery. It specializes in manufacturing high-efficiency power supplies for servers and PBCAs, marking Compuware’s first step in expanding its presence in Malaysia and globally. In 2022, Compuware acquired 24 acres of land in Malaysia, laying the foundation for constructing 4 factories, 2 dormitories, and additional employee facilities. Upon completion, the facility will cover a total area of 120,000 square meters, offering over 4,000 employment opportunities. The first phase of construction is slated for completion in mid-2024.

The current facility near Senai Airport is a temporary site for urgent manufacturing expansion and training seed employees and team leaders. These individuals undergo comprehensive training in power supply technologies and production procedures to ensure top-tier quality for our customers. Compuware it actively seeking skilled professionals, particularly those with expertise in electrical engineering, including testing engineers, quality engineers, production engineers, and planners. Interested candidates can find detailed vacancy information on the 104 Job Bank website or the Mayalsia Job Page.

Mr. Liang, General Manager at Compuware, expressed his confidence in the Malaysian expansion, inviting individuals who week challenges and growth opportunities to join the organization. “Those who join us at this stage will be key team members, and we welcome individuals eager to grow with us,” he affirmed. For more information about Compuware Malaysia Factory, please click here.

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Compuware Technology Inc. is the leading brand of high-end green energy power supplies; with the most 80 PLUS Titanium certificate products in the world. For nearly 20 years, it has been committed to the development of high-efficiency power supplies with up to a 96% efficiency rate. Our mission is to save energy and protect the environment. Compuware has customers worldwide, and its applications include HPC, networking, IPC, data centers, telecommunications equipment and high-end servers. For more information, please refer to our website:

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