With the gradual maturity and innovation of AI, IoT, and various emerging technologies, bring in new business opportunities. Keeping up with opportunities and innovations require all kinds of IT system support, whether it is a server with specialized functions, network equipment, or data storage systems. In order to stay compatible with new emerging technologies the power supply also needs a flexible structure to meet the needs of the ever changing market in real time, while supporting the rapid production of devices and entering the market before others.

Flexible Power Supply Architecture

Compuware’s Building Block architecture provides a flexible product build. Combining power supply modules with PDBs (Power Distribution Board), it provides the most suitable power supply for specialized equipment immediately. The structure is as follows:

Building Block彈性電源供應器架構

Benefits Of Compuware Building Block


Flexible and diverse power supply solutions

Time To Market

Fast time to market production speed


Tailor-made most suitable products


Self-developed power module and PDB, good compatibility


High density Up To 89W/IN3


16 years of professional experience in power supply

The Multiple Features Of Compuware Building Block

  •  80 PLUS Products Of All Grades
  •  Up To 96% Power Efficiency
  •  Various Types (AC-DC, DC-DC Or Dual-input)
  •  Various Sizes (Slim, CRPS, Blade Server, Special Size)
 Various Functions
  •  Supports PMBus
  •  Internal ORing
  •  N+1 Redundant
  •  Cold Redundancy
  •  Smart Ride Through
  •  Black Box Recorder
  •  Active Power Factor Correction
  •  Closed Loop System Protection (CLST)

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